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Summers now behind us and i’ll be in the garage for mny months. my garage i more of a mancave. All my comforts life a frige, stereo and computer. Heck I should have a bed in the loft. tHis plae is loaded with street signs and vintage collectable. Nothing of any real value just things i like to collect.Like old metal coolers and lunch boxes, hotwheels and tin signs, bikes and old suit case. Yeah I have plenty of that roof rack andy for my 65 VW.
I’ll b adding a lot of new sticker deigns and I have also added a new section to sell of some of my collectables and things i just don’t need. My hobbies and interset have changed and I have lots of things and liitle room so somethings got to go. I’ll add a link here to the new section i call Rustic Shed Customs General Store. Talk with you soon, Tony

murry 5 speed

Randon items

Randon items

My 65 Superman

My 65 Superman

Check out this cool jeep trimmed out with BLACK OPPS II sticker set from that sticker guy. The Jeep is owned by Erkan of Geneva Switzerland. He sent me the pics by email.

The Black Ops II stickers turn out really great! The Wrangler was entirely wrapped in matte black vinyl. The sticker is very easy to apply. Simply use a squeegee, et voilà. The sticker looks awesome! Every single kid looks at the sticker and comments… Gives the black jeep quite a badass look. We even had hitch-hickers hesitate and hide their thumb as wee slowed down near them lol

Thanks again!

Geneva, Switzerland

Thanks for sharing the pics they are great! love that jeep.

Black Ops II stickers on jeep front fender area.

Black Ops II stickers on jeep front fender area.

black opps switzerland 0002



Jeep owned by Erkan in Geneva, Switzerland.

black opps switzerland 0003

If you need a new DOT sticker on your helmet thatstickerguy offers two sizes and many colors.  Our DOT stickers are made with a 6 cast vinyl with a life of 6-7 years outdoor.

Maybe your old one needs replaced from wear or you have repainted the helmet. This same design is now available in PAINT MASK STENCIL for people who just don’t want to put a sticker on a custom painted helmet. Simply install this design as you would a sticker. It’s weeded in reverse. Airbrush your desired color on. When the paint has dried just lift the mask off. You helmet with have that full blown custom touch you’ve been after. We use WHITE paint mask by AVERY. A calendered vinyl film with a removable adhesive that offer clean removal from most OEM surfaces for up to one year. High Bake Paint Mask can withstand mild baking cycles up to 200degF. Paint mask demo is now shown in the photo since it is white on white background.

Click > DOT STICKERS to see the listing on thatstickerguy’s site.

dot stickers lq

I just made some stickers for a nice competition .22 Bench shooting rifle. The Rifle is a Suhl Standard 150 .22 caliber. Shots are @ 75 yards. Two shots per target. I’ll add info on the site asap. All I can remember is it was over$400. This customer wanted his name in a medium gloss silver with a matte black background. He also wanted a sticker made for the ammo he uses. Nice gun!

You can get Custom made stickers like this from thatstickerguy.

gun GAVER suhl standard 150 demo WEB

I’ve created another ZOMBIE sticker. The ZOMBIE DEADZONE HOLLOW POINTS sticker. Good for laptops, car windows tool boxes and many more thing. I’m sure you have an idea for it.
You can get this from thatstickerguy and shipping is free in the USA and it ships worldwide for a small fee. There are many more zombie items in the Zombie section of the site.
ZOMBIE deadzone hollow points

Since gun control got in the news gun sales have sky rocketed and created record breaking sales for many gun shops. One local gun store owner in my area said sales haven’t been this good since the Clinton ban. Some people see Obama as GUN SALESMAN OF THE YEAR. Other gun and hunting related car window stickers can be bought from thatstickerguy as well as fishing and anything else you may think of. gun salesman of the year DEMO

New custom TEXT box for custom made sticker buyers

When buying any custom made item just TYPE your name or word in the box. Buying a custom made sticker from thatstickerguy just got easier!